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Father Austrian / German, Mother British



13 years, born 13 December 2004 in London, Camden Town



Luke Dufek (football player, 11 years old) and Ebony Rose Dufek (cheerleader, 10 years old)



Switzerland, close to Geneva



English, French, German (trilingual) and Italian (learning)



Niki Lauda and Sebastian Vettel



To become a professional race driver  - F1 world champion!



Reading, Travel, Listening to Music, Football, Martial Arts, Skiing, Running and Nature

NO FEAR, INCREDIBLE SPEED and a NATURAL RACING INSTINCT is how Joshua has started karting at the age of 7. 


He has proved his talent from the very start by winning both the Swiss Championship in his first year of participation as well as the Vega Trofeo (a French/Swiss Championship) in 2013. 


A modest, light-hearted, quietly determined teenager who is always ready for a good laugh.


Joshua’s PURE PASSION and his TRUE TALENT enabled him to achieve the following SUCCESSES:


🏆2017: 4th at the German Championship ADAC Masters (X30 Junior). This included several race-wins and a number of pole positions throughout the season. Event record lap time at the X30 Euro Series in Salbris.   

🏆2015: RUNNER-UP SWISS CHAMPION (Super Mini). Joshua wins 5 out of the last 6 races.
🏆2013:  SWISS CHAMPION (Category Mini). In his first year of participation, winner of the Suisse Karting Championship (Schweizer Kart-Meisterschaft (SKM) 2013). He wins 4 out of 5 races only finishing 2nd in the very first race.

🏆2013: WINNER of the Vega Trofeo Karting Championship




Who is your favourite race driver and why do you feel inspired by him? 


There are many quality drivers out there that I like and respect. NIKI LAUDA always fascinated me for his deep understanding of the mechanics, his discipline and the way he came back after his crash at the "Nürburgring". MAX VERSTAPPEN has impressed me with his style of driving and SEBASTIAN VETTEL I have liked and supported since I was little...

Why do you want to become F1 world champion? 


Because my heart is telling me that this is where I belong. I love to race and I have already proven that I can be the fastest guy out there in the kart. I still have a lot to learn, but something deep inside is telling me I can make it!

You have recently mentioned that you would love to bring the F1 world championship title back to Austria; Why Austria? 


To be honest, I wouldn’t mind winning the world championship for Germany or the UK either (laughs…)… but back to your question about Austria... I just love the country and its people and I do have Austrian blood running through my veins. I am also a big fan of Niki Lauda who was the last Austrian to lift the F1 world championship title more than 30 years ago. It’s about time that this changes and when the opportunity comes, I will be ready...


Sarah Dufek, Oliver Dufek


Telephone: +41 78 88 1 88 74 (Oliver Dufek)

+41 76 208 1863 (Sarah Dufek)